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The ING Miami Half-Marathon is less than two weeks away and my wife and I are gearing up for our run as members of Team Lifeline. We have a fund raising goal of $6000.00 which we have until January 18th to raise. Right now, we are at $5,703.80, verrrrrrry close.

We are looking for a few good tens, twenties, thirties, millions, whatever, to help us reach our goal.

If you are looking to contribute please click over to our page here and do so.

Thanks a million or a ten or whatever. Just thanks.


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The Jewish Planet just published a story about our membership on Team Lifeline. Just for the record, I’ve lost about 10 pounds since that picture!
Click for larger size.

Please help us reach our fund raising goal by contributing to Chai Lifeline at our website today. Thanks.

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