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Let’s move this contest inside, try this one:



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Where in Israel 3

Let’s see how good Cosmic X really is. Please submit your guesses via comments.


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** SPOILER** If you are interested in trying to guess the answer to Where in Israel 2, don’t continue reading this post, instead, go to the Where in Israel 2 post here.

Cosmic X is now our “Where in Israel” defending champ, having correctly answered both contests.

His answer: Yep, that’s the mosaic from the synagogue in Ein Gedi.

Here is a thumbnail of the broader pic with the list of the first generations:

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Where in Israel 2

The first edition of Where in Israel went ok. Cosmic X took the prize with Ezzie grabbing the Silver. This one might be a bit tougher but give it a shot.


Good luck.

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Where in Israel?

Ok, new idea. From time to time, I will post a single picture taken in Eretz Yisrael, and you, yes both of you, can try to guess the location of the picture. The winner of each edition will receive absolutely nothing (and that comes tax free!). Here’s the first pic:


Let the guessing begin.

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