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Gilad Shalit has now been held hostage for 900 days!

Please daven for his safe return – Gilad ben Aviva


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David Bogner of Treppenwitz after having left Mumbai a few days prior to the attacks,writes his Memories and Lessons from Mumbai.

“I used to call Rabbi Holtzberg ‘Rav Gabi’. It was an acknowledgement of his Smicha and his standing in the community… but also a nod to the easy informality he encouraged in all his guests. But Rivka, who was equally worthy of a title of respect, wrinkled her nose when I called her ‘Rebbetzin’ during our first meeting, and insisted I call her Rivky.”

First read David’s intro for some insight behind the post.

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Aish has a one minute video introducing their “Do Good” campaign (some graphic imagery)

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A friend forwarded this e-mail: 

“I was in Mumbai this year on business. A city from Dante’s hell, filthy and crowded beyond a westerners nightmares. There is no kosher food or minyan in Mumbai, so I went to the Chabad house. They have 3 minyanim a day and after every  minyan the shliach and his wife serve meals. There are 20 to 50 people eating there per meal, mostly traveling Israelis and businessmen, many frei. I asked Rabbi Holtzberg “where do you get the food from?” He replied “I shecht 100 chickens a week to serve 400 fleishig meals, and my wife cleans them. Since there is no pas yisroel here my wife bakes bread . (for about 800 people per week) every bit of food is home made. They ask for no money and charge nothing. By every meal he says a dvar torah, to inspire the orchim.
Avraham Avinu would be proud of Rabbi Holtzberg”
May their neshamos rest in peace.

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I am travelling on business. Here is how USA Today, the newspaper of choice for hotels nationwide has covered the Nariman House attacks over the past two days.

Yesterday, December 2, 2008. An article that states “Perhaps nowhere will that be a bigger challenge than in the two hotels and other sites that were targeted” writes, understandably, about the challenges faced by the hotels. It also writesd about Cafe Leopold. Nariman house is not mentioned.

Next to the piece though is what has already become a well known picture of a young man holding a wailing Moshe Holtzberg. The caption reads: Orphan’s Anguish:A mourner holds Moshe Holtzberg, 2, the son of Rabbi Gavriel and wife Rivka, at their service Monday. The couple were among six Israelis killed at a Mumbai Jewish center during the city’s terror siege. The boy will be flown to Israel with his parents’ remains and the Indian nanny who saved him.

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The State of Israel has named Sandra Samuel, the nanny that risked her own life to save the life of Moshe Holtzberg a “Righteous Gentile”. Full story here.

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