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Many of you know that my wife and I are running the ING Miami Half Marathon as part of Team Lifeline raising funds for Camp Simcha for children with cancer and other serious pediatric diseases.

We have secured a sponsor that will match any contributions made to our fund raising efforts during the next two weeks dollar for dollar (with an aggregate limit of $1500.00). Please visit our site here to donate and then email me at temunotblog at gmail.com to let me know that you have donated as part of the matching program. Thanks for helping.

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The Jewish Heritage Center of Queens and Long Island presents their annual Lights Chinese Auction. There are amazing prizes that can be purchased through a very easy to navigate website. My personal favorite: 200,000 American Express Miles!

The JHC is a phenomenal kiruv organization which in addition to a full weekly schedule of classes offers a host of programs including: Hebrew School, Singles Programs, and Hotel Retreats.

The auction will be held December 13, at the Share Tova Ballroom in Kew Gardens.

Check it out!

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As many of you know, my wife and I are training to run in the Miami Half-Marathon for Team Lifeline. We are slowly increasing mileage and, with that, comes a little extra grind. As an incentive, I try to think about all of the good work that Chai Lifeline is doing. Please consider helping us to raise funds by visiting our page here and donating. Thanks.

This video shows the course of the race in Miami. We will be running the half which breaks away at around the 3:48 point of the video. This looks much easier to do in a car!!

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Many of you are aware that Sandy and I are running the Miami ING Half Marathon to raise funds for Chai Lifeline. Max & Mina’s, the famous ice cream store with the most original flavors, agreed to assist us in our fund raising efforts. I must say that Bruce and Mark Becker, the brothers that own Max & Mina’s, are great guys and have never said no to any of the charitable pitches I have brought to them. (BTW, check tomorrow’s New York Sun for a story on Max & Mina’s) I printed up a “Scoop of Life” card which entitles each person who donates $5.00 or more to our fund raising effort to a free scoop of ice cream at Max & Mina’s. My kids were excited to get moving on this, after all camp’s done and school is still more than a week away.

My kids headed to Main Street and commenced their fund raising attempts. Approximately twenty minutes later, they called to say that the whole idea was a bust and that they had only raised five bucks. I told them that it was early and to persevere. By the time I came home from work, they had raised $292.00! I stopped by to give them some chizuk and I bought them some ice cream of their own as a thanks for a job well done. Despite my, pretty much, no sugar, low carb diet, I couldn’t say no to Mark’s offer to taste the Coffee and Babka, good stuff!!

As I said above, Max & Mina’s and My Kids are Awesome!

If you want to help us raise funds for Chai Lifeline please check out our team web page here. If you’d like to purchase “Scoop of Life” cards, please email me at temunotblog@gmail.com

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Sandy and I have just stumbled into our preparations for the ING Miami Half Marathon as members of Team Lifeline in support of Chai Lifeline.

The team has an honorary captain named Michael Braun. Michael is six years old and you can get a perfect picture of the importance of Camp Simcha through Michael’s mom’s words.

“Everything is harder for Michael as a result of the cancer and the treatment, physical milestones came later, he has some hearing loss, and he can’t do everything other six year-olds can. He doesn’t comprehend why he’s like this, and as a result, he’s very hesitant about social situations…Camp Simcha was a fantastic experience for Michael. He did everything that other children his age do in camp, and a lot more. He never had to explain himself. He made lasting friendships, not only with the other kids, but with counselors, who call and visit constantly. The real Michael came out, the little boy behind all the issues… Michael cried for two weeks after he came home from camp. He counts the days until he can go back. When he talks about camp, there’s a special spark in his eyes and he glows from within.”

“Thank you for giving him – and us – this wonderful gift.”

You can help gift this gift to other children like Michael by sponsoring Sandy and me over at our team web page.

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Miles for Smiles

When I read Bad4’s post about Team Lifeline at SerandEz, I was inspired. After checking it out a bit, my wife and I decided that we wanted to run the ING Miami Half Marathon in support of Chai Lifeline.

Neither my wife nor I are runners but if I’m gonna get started doing some type of exercise, it’s gonna take something as important as this. In a nutshell, each member of Team Liefline pledges to raise $3500.00 for Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special. Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special provide the experience of a lifetime for kids who are facing cancer or other serious illness! Located on the 125 acre Jack and Moishe Horn Campus in Glen Spey, NY, each of these unique camps is an oasis of carefree fun and emotional rejuvenation amidst the arduous struggle with illness and pain.

As a husband and wife team, Sandy and I have a fund raising goal goal of $6000.00 (help!).

Please join us by sponsoring us over on The Linn Team web page and/or sponsoring Bad4 at her web page.

Thanks to Bad4 for the inspiration.

I will be updating our efforts as we (hopefully) progress.

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Bad4 over at SerandEz is running in a marathon to raise funds for Camp Simcha, Chai Lifeline’s summer camp for terminally ill children, a tremendous organization. Check out the full post here and join in the mitzvah here.

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