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In the Pre-PSP World

Now, my kids don’t have a PSP or a Wii or whatever but it does seem that the rest of the world does. We recently visited Old Bethpage, a Restoration Village where I took this pick of Tom Sawyer and Becky my son and one of my daughters getting old school with the toys.

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Truckin’ for Torah

Two Sundays ago, i was asked to drive the pickup truck leading the procession for a Hachnasas Sefer Torah. Baruch Hashem, the weather held up long enough to finish the procession and the rain came down just shortly after the sefer torah entered the shul. It was a fun experience but very hot as there was no a/c in the truck. Much hotter though for the musician riding in the bed of the truck!

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Approaching the Gate


Sha’ar Yaffo, Yerushalayim

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On Tuesday, I took a business trip to Orlando, Florida. Sounds great, huh? I know my kids thought it was amazing. Let me give you the overview. I woke up at 4:30 am, picked up by my clients at 5:30 am, flight left at 7:00 and landed around 9:30. Local clients picked us up at the airport and drove us directly to their offices (25 mins from the airport)and right into a meeting. The meeting went throughout the morning (they ordered in treife sandwiches while I enjoyed my bottled water, granola bars and pretzels) and at 2:10, I bowed out to meet with local counsel about 20 mins. away. After my brief meeting with local counsel, I waited outside for 10 mins for my pick-up. That was truly the highlight. Although the locals felt it was a bit cool, I was loving standing outside without a coat in 65 degree weather. After my pick-up, we went straight back to the meeting (still in progress) and I was able to feast upon a freshly picked orange as we wound up the meeting around 5:15 so that we could go straight back to the airport and board a 7:00 flight landing us in New York around 9:45 where we went straight to the car and back home by 10 or so.

I figured out that I had been up for 18 hours or so and had spent approximately six and a half hours in an airplane, two hours in a car, two hours in airports, six and a half hours in meetings and 10 minutes sucking in fresh air. And my kids are jealous that Abba got to go to Florida.

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On the BBC’s List of 100 Things We Didn’t Know Last Year, is There is Mobile Phone Reception from the top of Mount Everest. And I thought my Cell Phone Reception on Massada was unique!

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Finding Nemo

He was at Atlantis Marine World Aquarium this whole time, call off the search!


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Back to Nature

After watching the Mets embarrass themselves on Sunday of Chol haMoed, we hit the road to go apple picking on Monday of Chol haMoed. I hope to get up some of the picking pics some time soon but I’m preparing for a trial this week and I’m strapped for time. Here is one picture I took on the hayride the kids and I took around the orchard.


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The Kamatz Train

Last year, we were in Boston for Chol HaMoed Succos. One of my daughters was working on learning to read Hebrew. We were always on the lookout for ways to help her develop her skills. Along came the kamatz train. (The kamatz is one of the hebrew vowels that appear beneath the letters of the alef beit).

Ok, it’s really a “T” but it’s close enough.

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Aharon’s Tomb

Tonight marks the Yahtzeit of Aharon Ha Cohen (more on that tomorrow). My buddy Amishav took this shot of Aharon’s Tomb from Petra. If you look closely at the right side of the pic, you will see a white domed roof at the top of the mountain, that is where Aharon’s Tomb is located. (If you click on the pic for full size, the domed roof will be found in the middle).


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Driving My Wife Crazy?

My wife has never, ever wanted me to drive in Israel. Part of that has to do with the fairly high rate of automobile accidents in the country but the real reason is that I get lost in my living room and my wife is afraid I will somehow end up following a road sign like this.


So, I never drove in Israel until our last trip when our private tour guide was running late and asked me to return the rental car to Hertz. I felt bad saying no and actually looked forward to the adventure. I discovered that every rental car (and maybe even every car) has to have a reflective vest that one could put on, say if he got lost and needed to stand on the side of the road. I think they call it the “Linn Vest”.


The first thing I had to do before returning the car was to fill it up with gas. This alone was an event as I had no idea how to operate the pump and, aside from soda bottles, I have no idea what a liter is.


Eventually, I filled up the car, and successfully returned it to Hertz (by way of a short, unplanned detour through Ramallah 😉 )


Next time, maybe I’ll hit the highway!

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