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Gilad Shalit has now been held hostage for 900 days!

Please daven for his safe return – Gilad ben Aviva


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Four Israelis freed from Oberoi Hotel, 17 Israelis remain missing in Mumbai. Details here.

Nuriman House battle continues with very few details, please continue davening.

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In addition to Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma (Holtzberg)
and Rivka bas Yehudis (Holtzberg / Rosenberg), Please be Mispallel for:
Aryeh Leibish ben Elta Nechama Maltshi (Teitelbaum)
Bentzion ben Elka (Chroman)

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The following sites seem to be having the most accurate and current updates:

Life of Rubin is streaming India’s Live English Language News and they are covering the entire situation 24/7

Chabad has updated info and reports that the government is asking for amedia blackout as the terrorists seem to be monitoring the media.

Akiva at Mystical Paths is also updating and confirms the media blackout.

Shmais is updating and reports that the terrorists called India TV from the Shaliach’s cellphone.

Jameel is updating and he usually has very good Israeli sources.

Aussie Dave is updating from Israel as well.

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The situation is fluid.


It has been confirmed that the shaliach’s child is safe. It was NOT his wife that escaped with the child, it was the nanny. Both the shalaich and his wife are thought to be alive but unconscious. Hashem yerachem.

There are unconfirmed yet fairly credible reports that the wife and child of the shaliach have escaped to safety.

There are also unconfirmed reports that the shaliach is still being held captive and is alive but unconscious.

There may be five or so other hostages in the house.

Please have all of the victims in mind in your prayers and tehillim.

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Please daven for the safety of:

Gavriel Noach ben Freida
Bluma,Rivka bas Yehudis
Moshe Tzvi ben Rivka

who are missing amidst the terrorist attacks in India.

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really, it’s great news! Thank G-d, last night we received the news that Clara Bahia bas Esther has been released and is home with her family and safe. May we see the speedy redemption of all of those held captive.

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