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Well, we finally did it! We’ve reached our goal of raising six thousand dollars for Chai Lifeline through our running of the ING Miami Half Marathon as members of Team Lifeline. Thanks and yasher koach to all of those who contributed.

We are still, of course, accepting contributions. So,if you would like to help support Chai Lifeline and the tremendous work that it does, click over to our page here.

Now that we’ve raised the funds, do we actually have to run the race?


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The ING Miami Half-Marathon is less than two weeks away and my wife and I are gearing up for our run as members of Team Lifeline. We have a fund raising goal of $6000.00 which we have until January 18th to raise. Right now, we are at $5,703.80, verrrrrrry close.

We are looking for a few good tens, twenties, thirties, millions, whatever, to help us reach our goal.

If you are looking to contribute please click over to our page here and do so.

Thanks a million or a ten or whatever. Just thanks.

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The Jewish Planet just published a story about our membership on Team Lifeline. Just for the record, I’ve lost about 10 pounds since that picture!
Click for larger size.

Please help us reach our fund raising goal by contributing to Chai Lifeline at our website today. Thanks.

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Sandy and I have eclipsed the half-way point in out training to run the ING Miami Half Marathon as members of Team Lifeline. This past Sunday, we ran 7 miles (the race is 13.1 miles). Boy, was it freezing but we pushed eachother through the wind and pain and we did it.

Our fund raising goal is $6000.00 and we haven’t even hit $3000.00 yet. Chai Lifeline’s Camp Simcha is an unparalleled Camp for children with cancer and other serious pediatric diseases.

Please help us to help raise funds for Camp Simcha by visiting our page here and clicking on donate. Every donation helps, thanks.

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Many of you know that my wife and I are running the ING Miami Half Marathon as part of Team Lifeline raising funds for Camp Simcha for children with cancer and other serious pediatric diseases.

We have secured a sponsor that will match any contributions made to our fund raising efforts during the next two weeks dollar for dollar (with an aggregate limit of $1500.00). Please visit our site here to donate and then email me at temunotblog at gmail.com to let me know that you have donated as part of the matching program. Thanks for helping.

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As many of you know, my wife and I are training to run in the Miami Half-Marathon for Team Lifeline. We are slowly increasing mileage and, with that, comes a little extra grind. As an incentive, I try to think about all of the good work that Chai Lifeline is doing. Please consider helping us to raise funds by visiting our page here and donating. Thanks.

This video shows the course of the race in Miami. We will be running the half which breaks away at around the 3:48 point of the video. This looks much easier to do in a car!!

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Many of you are aware that Sandy and I are running the Miami ING Half Marathon to raise funds for Chai Lifeline. Max & Mina’s, the famous ice cream store with the most original flavors, agreed to assist us in our fund raising efforts. I must say that Bruce and Mark Becker, the brothers that own Max & Mina’s, are great guys and have never said no to any of the charitable pitches I have brought to them. (BTW, check tomorrow’s New York Sun for a story on Max & Mina’s) I printed up a “Scoop of Life” card which entitles each person who donates $5.00 or more to our fund raising effort to a free scoop of ice cream at Max & Mina’s. My kids were excited to get moving on this, after all camp’s done and school is still more than a week away.

My kids headed to Main Street and commenced their fund raising attempts. Approximately twenty minutes later, they called to say that the whole idea was a bust and that they had only raised five bucks. I told them that it was early and to persevere. By the time I came home from work, they had raised $292.00! I stopped by to give them some chizuk and I bought them some ice cream of their own as a thanks for a job well done. Despite my, pretty much, no sugar, low carb diet, I couldn’t say no to Mark’s offer to taste the Coffee and Babka, good stuff!!

As I said above, Max & Mina’s and My Kids are Awesome!

If you want to help us raise funds for Chai Lifeline please check out our team web page here. If you’d like to purchase “Scoop of Life” cards, please email me at temunotblog@gmail.com

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