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Visiting Chevron is one of the most inspiring things you can do in Eretz Yisrael. However, it is also often one of the saddest things. It seems that there is always someone that wishes to remove the Jews from this Holy City. This has become more and more apparent in the past few years.

In the Avraham Avinu shul in Chevron there is a sefer torah that was carried out of Spain during the Inquisition and Expulsion of the Jews from that country. That sefer torah stands as a symbol of Jewish resiliency and the truth of the fact that “Am Yisrael Chai!” It is a source of hope and strength to the people of Chevron.



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Hey guys,

I hope all is well there. I hear you guys got a lot of rain. Not a drop in sight here on the beach near the Dead Sea. I really miss rain (yeah, right). It’s not easy remembering to put on sunblock and a hat everyday, the things I won’t do for our holy land! Down here, and I do mean down here since we’re at the lowest point on earth, Lot’s wife was turned to salt. Some say that the reason that she was turned ito a pillar of salt is because she was inhospitable. We know that Sedom was a place that was notorious for it’s mistreatment of guests. Some locals here say that is why Lot decided to open this hotel there, as a tikun of sorts. I take that story with a grain of salt! See you guys soon, don’t forget to water my plants.


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Hey all,

Things are great here in the Holy Land! Our days are so jam packed with touring that we don’t always have the time to sample the local delicacies. But, we always try to “tank up” in the morning by hitting the local Angel’s Bakery for fresh, hot pastries, breads, borekas, you name it and piping hot coffee. This morning while waiting in line, I saw a young boy (maybe 7 or 8 ) come in, take a fresh loaf of bread from the shelf, load it in the slicer, slice it, expertly bag it, pay the cashier and head home. I can’t even get my son to pick up his socks! Yesterday, I picked up that tablecloth you asked for. My Hebrew is a bit spotty so I had a hard time explaining “stain proof” to the shop keeper. So, I tried this “Im atah shoteh teh vOOPs (here I pantomimed spilling the tea) ein bayah”. He smiled (or perhaps laughed at me), nodded and pulled the tablecloth from the shelf. Hope your summer’s going well, speak to you soon.


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I don’t know if you guys back in the States have heard but the Beis Hamikdash has been rebuilt and we were zocheh to visit it today! Halavai. It’s just a model but one day, one day soon…


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Hey all,

We’ve been continuing our trip up North and the weather has been great. Although I’ve been touring in Eretz Yisrael 7 or 8 times, I had never been to Tel Dan. It’s amazing! It’s basically a nature preserve that is situated on the biblical city of the tribe of Dan so you get nature, beauty and history in one package. It was originally a Canaanite city called Laish and it’s mentioned in Yehoshua and Shoftim. There is so much beauty and history here and I hope to elaborate further in future Postcards. For now, take a look at this mud brick gate circa 1800 B.C.E. It’s incredible how it has stood the tests of time. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer (but not as much as I am, hah! 🙂 )


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I am starting (another!) new feature called “Postcards from Israel”. On each post I will put up one picture with an explanation of the pic in postcard form. I invite you all to submit your “Postcard” as well (email them to temunitblog@gmail.com)
Hey Guys,

We’re having a blast here in Eretz Yisrael. Today, we continued our Northern trip. Among the sites we’ve seen was The Dan River. The Dan is the largest and most important of the headwater (upper tributary source) rivers of the Jordan River. The Dan is fed by the snow and rain which fall on Mount Hermon, the highest mountain in Eretz Yisrael. The water from this precipitation then seeps into the mountain and branches off into hundreds of springs at the foot of the mountain. Although the area of the Dan that we saw was quite narrow, the waters can get fairly turbulent as you can see from the picture. Well, gotta get on the bus, speak to you guys soon, wish you were here but I’ll have a shwarma for you!



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