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Parshas Bereshis Cake

This is kind of a repeat post since these pics were posted in a different post but not as a stand-alone post. I’ve yet to see this week’s Parsha Bereshis Cake at our house, so I am posting a previous one that my wife and kids made.


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Clearing my back load of parsha cake pics, here’s Parshas Vayeitzei, dig the marshmellow stones and cotton candy cloud.


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Yosef in the Pit

Still catching up on parsha cake pics, Parshas VaYeshev:


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Catching up on some of my kids parsha cakes, I present this dandy for Parshas Vayishlach detailing Yaakov’s preparations for his encounter with Eisav:


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Parshas VaYera Cake

My wife, known for her parsha cakes, has been encouraging the kids to make their own parsha cake each week. This past week, Aryeh and Rina hastily put together this cake for Parshas VaYera.



Here’s a detail, notice the broccoli bush and the fork prong ram, creative, no?


Here’s the melachim view:

Nice job guys, just don’t save me the piece with the broccoli!

You can also see:
the Parshas Bereshis Cake here (scroll down a few pix
the Parshas Noach Cake here
the Parshas Lech Lecha Cake here

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My daughter Shira came up with this Parsha cake for Lech Lecha, alluding to Hashem’s promise that Avram’s descendants would be as numerous as the sand and the stars. Nice job Shira!!


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Parshas Noach Cake

This year my wife’s Parshas Noach cake really, well… took the cake! We had aprox. 25 kids come by for what has become an annual get together where we eat the cake and ask the kids questions about the parsha.




We also has cupcakes. Most of the children had a piece of cake and a cupcake.


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