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A Pretty Picture

It’s been a while since I posted, though I continue to get between 300-500 hits a day based upon The Great Puppy Experiment.

When I first started this blog, I intended it to be mostly a photoblog. Hence, the name temunot (pictures). I have gotten away from that a bit but stumbled across a nice shot that reminds me a bit of the picture in my blog header (you can see the uncropped version of that here). This one is taken by Brooklyn Wolf
and is called Hovering Bee.


You can see the original post here and all of Brooklyn Wolf’s pictures here.


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A sheep shortly after shearing at Old Bethpage.

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Good Catch!

I took this shot on top of Massada as our tour guide “fed” the birds. It was at the same time that I took the shot up in the blog header above.

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This is an amazing time lapse clip of Cherry Blossoms complied from over 3,000 digital photos, one taken every 3 minutes from April 18 to April 26, 2008, on Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s famed Cherry Walk.

This should get you in the perfect mood for Birckas HaIlan. The blessing over trees is mentioned in the Talmud (Brachos 43b) and can be found in most siddurim in the section of brochos listed after Birkas HaMazon (Grace after Meals). It is a blessing that is made only once a year and the optimum time to make the blessing is in the month of Nissan, so hurry! The blessing is only made on fruit bearing trees and can only be made after the tree has begun to blossom, preferably before the fruit has begun to grow. The Blessing loosely translates as: Blessed are You, Hashem, Our G-d, King of the world, for nothing is lacking in His world, and in it He created good creatures and good trees, in order for mankind to take pleasure in them.

You can read my piece, Nothing Missing In His World, from two years ago on Beyond Teshuva.

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Wednesday evening, there was a total lunar eclipse. Here are a few shots I took.











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I’m not much of a flower person (just ask my wife!). But, there’s something about irises that I love. Maybe it’s a van Gogh thing, I dunno. Anyway, I did this real estate closing for out of State clients. It was one of those deals where whatever could go wrong did. My clients were great and, somehow, we worked through all of the problems and we closed. It was a hassle of a transaction but, hey, that’s what I get paid for. The next eruv shabbos a Fed Ex delivery came with Irises and a thank you note from my clients. It’s nice to be appreciated.




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geese on a half-frozen pond

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