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Bad4 over at SerandEz is running in a marathon to raise funds for Camp Simcha, Chai Lifeline’s summer camp for terminally ill children, a tremendous organization. Check out the full post here and join in the mitzvah here.


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Aish provides a timely Tisha B’Av message from the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team.

If you’ re stuck at home on Tisha B’Av, The Jewish Heritage Center of Queens and Long Island is providing a phone hookup for Kinnos, learning and lectures and The OU has a live Tisha B’Av webcast.

Torah Tots provides an informative page on Tisha B’Av for kids.

WebYeshiva has a whole group of lectures and source material on Tisha B’Av and the Nine Days.

A Simple Jew provides Sinas Chinam – A Story for Tisha B’Av

Dixie Yid has Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern’s Remembering the Churban Beis Hamikdash – Part 1 – -Part 2- -Part 3- and – Part 4-

Here on Temunot, there are two relevant Tisha B’Av links:

Tucking in the Mashiach

Frozen Scream

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My wife’s cousin, Danny has started a blog chronicling his experiences as a medical student doing research in Uganda. Fascinating stuff. Check it out here.

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This is a little morbid but a whole lot thought provoking.

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I love this.

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On the BBC’s List of 100 Things We Didn’t Know Last Year, is There is Mobile Phone Reception from the top of Mount Everest. And I thought my Cell Phone Reception on Massada was unique!

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Rabbi Dovid Schwartz has been elucidating the Kinos at the Jewish Heritage Center of Queens and Long Island for many years to a packed house that grows every year as the word gets around. You can listen to last year’s explanation of Kinos here.

You can listen to this year’s explanation of kinos live by calling 1-605.725.1900 on Tisha B’Av morning at 10 am EST use this access code: 5832476

Aish has Personal Mourning and Rebuilding After Destruction.

Life in Israel has a ten minute clip of Rabbi Zev Leff on kinos. You can find much more by Rabbi Leff on Tisha B’Av here.

Dixie Yid explains why One Must Destroy in Order to Build, a fitting thought for tisha B’Av.

You can view the entire movie “From the Ashes” here. It is an hour long movie following a group of sixty Aish HaTorah rabbis from around the world that visited the death camps in Poland with their Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Noah Weinberg. From the Ashes is the story of their journey and its relevance to Rabbi Weinberg’s fifty year battle against assimilation.

I have posted two pieces here on Temunot that relate to Tisha b’AV: Tucking in the Mashiach and A Frozen Scream.

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