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really, it’s great news! Thank G-d, last night we received the news that Clara Bahia bas Esther has been released and is home with her family and safe. May we see the speedy redemption of all of those held captive.


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I’m not much of a flower person (just ask my wife!). But, there’s something about irises that I love. Maybe it’s a van Gogh thing, I dunno. Anyway, I did this real estate closing for out of State clients. It was one of those deals where whatever could go wrong did. My clients were great and, somehow, we worked through all of the problems and we closed. It was a hassle of a transaction but, hey, that’s what I get paid for. The next eruv shabbos a Fed Ex delivery came with Irises and a thank you note from my clients. It’s nice to be appreciated.




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This is a little morbid but a whole lot thought provoking.

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This Can Change Your Life

DixieYid links to an unbelievably powerful condensed version of 47 yr. old college Professor Randy Pausch giving his last lecture. He knows he’s going to die fairly soon and his words and thoughts are moving, powerful and universal. The full lecture (aprox. one and a half hours) can be found here.

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