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Temunot took first place in six categories in the Jewish and Israeli Blogger Awards including Best Blog with Pictures of Cake, Battleships and Massada. OK, so Temunot got zip in the JIBs. That’s fine. I definitely saw a lot of traffic coming through the JIBS and hope that the issue of Amona remains on people’s minds and that we do what is within our power to avoid another such tragedy.

Beyond Teshuva took second place for Best Group Blog and my post (which is really about my brother’s song) Live on the Radio: The Seeds of Teshuvah of a Nascent Rock Star took first place for Best Jewish Music Post.

Prior to writing that post, I wrote another short post at Beyond Teshuvah called Some Beautiful BeyondBT Music which was really just a short intro to Chaim’s song “Hodu” (he says “It’s really Hahem’s song, I’m just a truckdriver”). Anyway we offer that song up as a thanks for voting.

Have a Great Yom Tov!

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Me and my Bro

OK, I have to admit, it’s getting harder to come up with catchy titles for JIB vote begging posts. I hope to make this my last one.


As most of you know by now, my Amona post is up for a JIB in the category of Best Jewish Picture or Video in a Blog Post. Please check out the post here and vote here, if you think it’s worthy.


My younger brother, Chaim, wrote a song about our relationship back when we were living (literally and figuratively) in very different places. He introed and played that song live on the radio in Boulder, Colorado. Read the back story and listen to the song at Live on the Radio: The Seeds of Teshuvah of a Nascent Rock Star. If you like what you hear, vote for the post for Best Jewish Music Blog Post here.

Beyond Teshuva has been nominated in three other categories and you can vote in these categories here:

Click here to vote for Best Group Blog

Click here to vote for Best Jewish Religious Blog

Click here to vote for Best Torah Blog

There are many excellent blogs and posts in the JIBs so take the time to browse through theJIB site and vote for your favorites. Voting closes Wednesday.

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My little (that’s a relative term) brother Chaim is quite the musician. My post about our relationship and the song he wrote for me are up for a JIB award for Best Jewish Music Post. Here’s an excerpt from the post and the actual clip recorded live on the radio. The full post is here.

Jonny was the lead singer of an up and coming West Coast band that was gaining popularity, playing larger venues and starting to get some radio play. The band was invited into the local radio station to do one of those live in-studio interview/jam session shows that populate Sunday radio. At one point in the interview, the host asked Jonny to intro a song he had written for me, “Davey Pray”. Jonny and I had pretty much come to the same crossroads in life by way of separate trips to Poland. After my trip, I had begun exploring yiddishkeit. After his trip, he became completely disenchanted with Judaism.

“Davey Pray” captures many things: my being the only “religious” one in the family, the fact that Jonny and I had, nonetheless, retained our relationship and the pintele yid crying out “Well, I don’t understand but I want you to know if there’s something you know that the rest of us don’t, Davey pray for me, pray for me…”

As some of you know, Jonny, now Chaim, is now a frum Jew living with his beautiful family in Jersey. Check out the pintele yid and the power of love in Davey Pray, recorded live on the air, in studio at KBOL in Boulder, Colorado.

If you like what you hear, vote for the post here.

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So, Temunot got raked over the coals in the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards.

But, I’m back up as the voting opens for best posts. If you haven’t already done so, take a look at Amona and vote for Best Picture or Video in a Post here.

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The voting for the first round of the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards is winding down. I’m getting soundly trounced and I’m fine with that. No, really I am. Why?

Well, first of all Temunot is a new blog and the JIBs have really given it much more exposure than it could have otherwise garnered.

Second of all, my homebase blog Beyond Teshuva looks like it will be moving to the finals in all three of the categories in which it was nominated; Best Group Blog, Best Torah Blog, and Best Religious Blog.

Temunot has also been nominated in the Best Photo in a Post for Amona. Voting is set to begin tonight so take a look at the post and if you think it’s worthy, cast a vote.

Best of luck to all bloggers moving into the finals.

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Voting for the first round of the JIB Awards closes this Sunday. I could really use the $25,000.00 that comes with winning a JIB. So, help a guy out, won’t ya?

You can vote for Best New Blog here.

You can vote for Best Photo Blog here.

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You don’t have to vote for Temunot in the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards but you should definitely vote and check out some of the blogs with which you are not yet familiar. Hurry, voting closes Sunday.

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Voting for the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards opens tonight. While Temunot is a nominee for Best New Blog and Best Picture Blog, and while it would be nice to win (after all, there is a $25,000.00 prize per category winner, joking, I’m joking ), that’s not really what the JIBs are about in my mind. They are about getting more people exposed to more of the quality j-blogs out there. So, get on over to the JIBs, check out all of the blogs nominated and vote.

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