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Holiday Sales Gone Crazy

Deep discounts are one thing but this is getting out of hand.

Actual price tag seen at Target, sorry for the bad resolution, blackberry picture.


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Good Question

A sign at the New York City Department of Buildings, Bronx Borough Office:


Another fun “sign” post here on Temunot, here.

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A sheep shortly after shearing at Old Bethpage.

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My daughter on (above?) Long Beach.

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In the Pre-PSP World

Now, my kids don’t have a PSP or a Wii or whatever but it does seem that the rest of the world does. We recently visited Old Bethpage, a Restoration Village where I took this pick of Tom Sawyer and Becky my son and one of my daughters getting old school with the toys.

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Truckin’ for Torah

Two Sundays ago, i was asked to drive the pickup truck leading the procession for a Hachnasas Sefer Torah. Baruch Hashem, the weather held up long enough to finish the procession and the rain came down just shortly after the sefer torah entered the shul. It was a fun experience but very hot as there was no a/c in the truck. Much hotter though for the musician riding in the bed of the truck!

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Lady Liberty

My wife and I took a cruise around Manhattan in support of Chevron (more about that later). I took this shot of the Statue of Liberty as I wondered how my mother felt when she first saw her as she entered the US fleeing from the Nazis.

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