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I received this email from a friend:

Dear Family & Friends:

I write with a heavy heart to request your help for blood and platelet donations. My 5 year old son, Eitan, was just diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. Eitan is a deliberate and energetic boy. He recently got his first karate lesson. He makes up karate moves all the time (and tries them out on me often). Eitan plays soccer and was vigilant about protecting his team’s goal this season. For some reason, he’s really taken to the Giants, likes to watch football Sunday afternoons, and owns a fairly tight spiral. He’s truly delicious.

Only about 300 kids are afflicted with his form of cancer annually nationwide. His specific presentation was fairly unusual, and some of the busiest pediatric oncologists in the “rhabdo” community have not seen a case quite like Eitan’s. He has just begun an intensive chemotherapy regimen and is going to need transfusions with blood and platelets periodically. Additionally, Eitan’s blood type is O negative, which is not very common and precludes him from many would-be donors.

Eitan may receive packed red blood cells from people with blood type O negative, and he may receive platelets from people with A neg, B neg, AB neg, or O neg blood types. Donations must be made at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where Eitan is being treated, by appointment. I recognize that many of you do not live in the New York Metro area, though I ask you to consider paying a visit to the blood bank at MSKCC if you plan to be in the vicinity over the course of the next year.

If your blood type is negative anything, and particularly if it is O negative, kindly forward your name to David Samuel so that he may keep you on a revolving roster. If you don’t know your blood type, please speak with David Samuel about coordinating a visit to the MSKCC blood bank for a potential blood donation. Donations not used by Eitan will be released to other cancer victims at MSKCC, many of whom are children. Direct relatives of Eitan are not allowed to donate on his behalf because of medical reasons, though in an act of solidarity, all of Eitan’s close adult relatives will donate periodically to the MSKCC blood bank for the benefit of others. (Incidentally, in their own acts of solidarity, big sister Keren (10) accompanied Eitan during a chem o treatment this weekend, and big brother Yoni (8) got a crew cut like Eitan – Keren and Yoni thought of these things on their own.)

The donation of packed red blood cells takes an hour and may be stored for 30 days. The donation of platelets takes 2 ½ hours and may be stored for five days, two of which are used for testing. Your effort will help save my son’s life, and if not Eitan’s, another cancer victim. We are optimistic about Eitan’s recovery, however, it is imperative that these blood products be available to him.

Again, kindly coordinate your efforts to donate blood on Eitan’s behalf with David Samuel for purposes of maintaining a donor roster:

cell: 201-376-6059

To schedule an appointment to donate, please CALL:
Joe Licata, Manager of the Blood Donor Program @ MSKCC, 212-639-8177

Or the Blood Donor Room 212-639-7648

The Blood Donor Room is open every day:

Fri Sat Sun Mon 8:30AM – 3:00PM

Tue Wed Thur 8:30AM – 7:00PM

1250 First Avenue (between 67th and 68th streets), NYC – Schwartz Building Lobby

Free Parking is available for donors at the MSKCC garage: 433 East 66th Street, corner of York Avenue

For complete information about donor eligibility and the donation process for blood and platelets, visit http://www.mskcc.org/blooddonations


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The kids in our neighborhood are running a bake sale to benefit Chickens for Shabbos. Chickens for Shabbos is an amazing organization that takes every penny raised and puts food on the tables of needy families in Eretz Yisrael. There is absolutely no overhead. The kids raised $1300.00 at last years bake sale.

Those interested in supporting this very worthy cause can send checks to Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills Tzedakah Fund at 150-05 70th Road Flushing, N.Y. 11367 Attn: Rabbi Schonfeld or call 718-261-9723.

My wife baked a chocolate chip banana cake and these delicious meringues.

UPDATE: The bake sale this year raised more than $3500.00! Kol HaKavod!!


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I previously posted about the Achdus Auction’s Supermarket Blitz prize. Someone has hit upon a great idea. If the idea of running through a kosher supermarket filling up your shopping cart doesn’t appeal to you, why not put in for the prize and donate the food to Tomche Shabbos. Mitzvah goeres mitzvah.

You can purchase tickets here, scroll down to Kosher A to Z.

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Life can sometimes get you down. At those times, it is of primary importance to turn to Hashem and strengthen one’s emuna. Equally as important, perhaps, is to be careful not to turn away from others. In fact, the way up is often through the advice and assistance of a friend.


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Hat tip: Jameel

Malki Roth was only 15 years old when she was killed by arab terrorists in the bombing of Sbarro’s Pizzeria in Yerushalayim. In response to HBO’s promotion of it’s film “Hot House” by using the smiling face of one of Malki’s killers, the Roths are asking every one to take a moment to look at Malki’s pictures here.

Malki wrote a beautiful song just months before she was killed.

The words are chilling (English translation) Hebrew lyrics can be found here:

Each of us has a share in the World to Come
And that is already a reason to be happy
We each have a spark and a start
And this is reason enough to be happy

You live, breath, move
That’s a good start

Each of us have a way of arriving
We all have a way back too
We each have a hope and a future
And a place in the World to Come

You live, breath, move
That’s a good start

Each of us have so many reasons
So you better start dancing now
We each already have a reason to laugh
So let’s all shout together-

You live, breath, move
That’s a good start

Listen to Malki’s Song as performed by Yehuda and Yishai Lapidot here and visit Keren Malki to read Malki’s story and the wonderful work done by the organization founded in her memory.

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