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It’s not too late to order your tickets for the Achdus Chinese Auction. Those of you in the NY metro area, please join us this Motzae Shabbos at the New York Hall of Science. Details and directions can be found here.

Good Shabbos.


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I previously posted about the Achdus Auction’s Supermarket Blitz prize. Someone has hit upon a great idea. If the idea of running through a kosher supermarket filling up your shopping cart doesn’t appeal to you, why not put in for the prize and donate the food to Tomche Shabbos. Mitzvah goeres mitzvah.

You can purchase tickets here, scroll down to Kosher A to Z.

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500 Club

Achdus Auction highlights continue. One of the few complaints I get regarding chinese auctions is that people like to choose their own stuff, they don’t like to be hemmed in to what you guys have chosen. Enter the “500 Club”.

The 500 Club is a series of three separate prizes. The winner of each prize chooses a $500 gift certificate to one of the three stores mentioned in the prize. They are prize numbers 36, 37 and 38 and the store choices are as follows:

The winner of prize number 36 chooses a $500 gift certificate to either Home Depot, Target or BJs

The winner of prize number 37 chooses a $500 gift certificate to either Best Buy, Circuit City or Comp USA

The winner of prize number 38 chooses a $500 gift certificate to either Old Navy, Gap or Toys R Us.

Each prize is a $20.00 ticket. Check out all of the prizes here and if you’re in the New York metro area, stop by on Motzei Shabbos at the New York Hall of Science for a great night of fun, food and prizes. Please stop me to say hello!

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Today is the last day to take advantage of the early bird discount packages for the Achdus Auction.
Purchase and pay for your ticket package by midnight tonight and you will receive bonus tickets of between $20 and $200 depending on package size.

You can view the ticket package prizes here and all of the prizes here.

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Strikeouts and Sushi

Another great Achdus Auction Prize:

Two Tickets to see the Yankees (sans A-Rod and Torre), Two Tickets to see the Mets (maybe with A-Rod) and dinner for two at the popular Sushi Metsuyan. (Ezzie , you can pay off our bet with this one)

Tickets are only Five Dollars a pop, browse over to Achdusauction.com and click on the Ten Dollar Prize page for prize number 51 – Strikeouts and Sushi.






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Continuing my shameless plugs for the Achdus Auction (hey it’s tzedakah!), this has got to be my favorite prize.

(Please excuse my scanning and cropping skills)

The winner will have five minutes to fill his/her shopping cart to overflowing with a bountiful array of kosher groceries. The store will be closed to the public as the lucky winner races against the clock. I’m sure this will end up being a phenomenal YouTube moment.

Tickets are: 1 for $35 2 for $60 3 for $75

To purchase, follow this link and scroll down to Kosher A to Z.

David Bogner, if you win this one (and come to the states to collect), you won’t have to wait on line at all!

Ezzie, think about how many guests you could have over if you win this one!!

Anyone who would like a full color auction booklet by mail please send an email to ytmbyqauction@aol.com

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